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With such powers aligned against them, what chance did they have? In its irrational movements and mile per hour winds, sitting in the shockingly low pressure of its eye, Joaquin contained within it the fearful cost of accrued hubris. Or the woefully inept support staff on shore.

Or the crushing economic pressures that led to good people being fired and old ships staying unsafe in the name of making money. In reality, it was all of those things exacerbated and combined that plunged El Faro into the sea in the worst American maritime disaster in decades.

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The El Faro tragedy may have been unique in American shipping, but its end result was not. Storm, oh spirits of Tempests Unleash your fury upon these cursed land I call upon you, vengeful Lords Drown this world of sufficiency and shame Winds shall rise from the blackest sky And wipe all that remains I call upon thee, mighty Leviathan Drive us all into the Abyss Drown them who dare to challenge your glory Race of arrogance bring them down Bring them down! Mighty Kings of storms and fury, hear my call!

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Rise and reap without mercy! Usually I can not do that. I could not put the book down and found myself constantly thinking and talking about it. The books has a haunting quality to it that grips you. I highly recommend. Anonymous 7 months ago As sad as this story was it was difficult to get through as there was too much written about the history of ships and topography.

Lots of acronyms also which got confusing after awhile. Anonymous 8 months ago Was enjoying this book - schematic of the ship and information was superb and it obviously was well researched Sad to do to such work.

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Anonymous 11 months ago Very good presentation of the story. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Rachel Slade has superbly researched and retold this modern day sea story. And it raises so many good questions to keep pondering. Must read! Richardson54 More than 1 year ago I remember hearing about the El Faro on the local news down here in Florida. This is a good account of the tragedy but the author strays off course.

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The doomed ship's black box preserved the dialogue amongst the crew. As one reads further you learn of all the factors leading to the tragic sinking. Unfortunately the author sends a shot across the bow at President Trump.

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The reference was such an incredible stretch to a book about the sinking of the El Faro. The author showed poor discipline by injecting her disdain of the POTUS into a fact based book on this tragedy. The author also delves into global warming. It may exist but there is not empirical evidence that it has increased the number of hurricanes. This at least had some relevance to the book versus the Trump shot.

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I read to relax and take a respite from politics.