Guide NETERIAN AWAKENING Journal of Neterian Culture Vol 1-12 In one Volume

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In particular, Opening of the Heart, Opening of the Mind remember, the heart has more neurological cells than the heart according to some scientists.


Opening of the Mouth, Opening for the Light. However you want to call it, it is A Moment for Opening. This opening, although at first cold feel painful, is in fact a purification process. The only reason there is pain is because we have not let go of the attachment to the event.

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Must release in order to be in position to receive. Is, during this time, we are encouraged to focus on putting our feelings and matters of the heart in order. Planting seeds of intention for how you would like these relationships and situations to unfold. As if you are painting your vision for the Garden Of Your Life. Please watch video when it is uploaded, about the healing process and reflections on this celestial event and portal openings.

Are we are again, and even though it feels as if all those retrograde planets are direct again, think again. I have a feeling that there is always something with their portals wide open, and we have only been keeping up with Mercury Retrograde…. For those of you that have not been following HeruScopes since the beginning before it even had a name back in , you may be wondering why and how the signs can be off by an entire month.

In a nutshell, time was fixed ago by the Babylonians. The Astrology system they used is not based on Nature, it is man-made. For more information, please visit www. Now is the time to start something new, especially if it is something that has been on the back burner for a long time.

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I know they are saying the moon is in Virgo, but go outside tomorrow and see where the moon is. Time to Revisit that one….

NETERIAN AWAKENING Journal of Neterian Culture Vol 1-12 In one Volume

Of course this means goal setting, intention tweaking, finding the courage to stand firm. Trusting, Knowing, A Feeling that the Healing will come. Time for New Beginnings. It also means shedding and letting go of what no longer serves you….. We are past Djehuty Portal Opening, so all is smooth and clear. It can also mean creating a new brand, a new LIFE! When we are in alignment, the words we write do not come from our limited mind, but from the Cosmic Mind. It is like a celestial blueprint, that is encoded in our DNA. THIS is exciting! Sedna is a very slooooooooooowwwwwwww moving planet.

I have no idea how long Sedna has been in Taurus, or when it will transit. I am sure the I have written about this before, I will see what I can find. But back to the NOW! This will call for an in-depth analysis in the near future, as my very own Sedna Story is about to have plot twist. So stay tuned for that update….. For now, time for DEEP introspection, healing, revealing, self loving, and growth.

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I read that Juno will be going retrograde soon as well so this will be a season of purification from past trauma and violations. Juno also in Apis, represents marriage and commitment. In Greek legend, Juno was constantly violated by her spouse, Jupiter. So when both of these portals are opening, I see period for cleansing, purging, releasing, healing, and perhaps, resolution and communication. Will start working on this analysis very soon…. The Rebel, the Redeemer, of the Soul, the Victorious One is the One that remains silent and observes when in heat of inner battle, or when in confrontation with another Ego, respond, do not react.

Ahhh, so easy to say, and not so easy to practice. But that is what life is for, to practice! To become master of these cosmic forces, to become masters of our minds, our lives, and our lower nature. Does NOT rush in! We are also dealing with the dynamic of Heru and Set: to be victorious in battle, we cannot lose our head or our cool.


Must remain seated on inner throne. The planets are aligned for this lesson. I know I had an exam just a few days agin, and got a C-, which is still passing, because I was aware of it while it was happening, but was too emotional to stop it. Next time, I will do better…..

Have already spoken at length about this combination….. Chanting, meditation are excellent for this practice.

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These wounds could be Ancestral or from past Lives. When emotions arise and you have no idea where they came from, just remember, it might not even be YOU. Getting relationships in order.

I have started writing letters again. If a relationship is out of whack, perhaps the separation has led to growth, and a reconciliation is just around the corer. Mars, now Direct again, is about to move onto Hupenieius, Sidereal Capricorn. The focus, the direction of life is to get back on track with the Journey to Be Enlightened.

Sometimes these worldly concerns get us off balance, and we temporarily lose sight of what is TRULY important. Rebirth, Renewal, and Resurrection of the Heart Center. A Re-dedication of Purpose, in a slightly different direction. An attunement of the Heart Center. So sad. I cannot believe all of the damages that Human Beings have allowed to go on, and continue.

Next thing you know, they will produce corn with no kernels! Crying Out Loud. You can catch up on all the Retro Action at these pages…. Direct your creative powers towards Healing. Let your Expressions courageously release and reveal deepest emotions and long-held limiting beliefs. Serve your Highest Purpose, and no other.

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  5. Once you pull out the weeds of negativity, as in negative thoughts and emotions, you can appreciluv the Beauty of your Life. Let everything you do have at its core, your healing. Or helping someone else to heal. Without this, you cannot move forward. Rephan Asar: travel beyond limitations: physical, mental, creative. Get out of that comfort zone and find the peace amidst the chaos. Learn important lessons by dealing with obstacles. Saturn is the Teacher. Especially while this portal is open: what appears to be death or the end, is actually the beginning.

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    Leading to something even greater than imagined. Rather than focus on a particular event or desired outcome, take a step back, and acknowledge all that has been overcome and be grateful, this will allow you to open up to even more wondrous rebirth. Let go of attachment and open up to greater abundance and prosperity, This can o ly be achieved with trust. Asar represents the Soul, and Set represents the lower Ego. During this alignment, with portal opened, the some time to reflect on the ways that your lower ego zaps your energy, awareness, how it tricks you into slipping out of consciousness.

    NETERIAN AWAKENING Journal of Neterian Culture Vol 1-12 In one Volume

    Then reflect on what brings you back, what redeems your soul, what is your own savior, without looking outside of your self? What rejuvenates you, replenishes you? But now, it is more about what replenishes me, what rejuvenates me?