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I have been growing ginger since around Just for the heck of it, I planted some between some shrubs! Now it is all over the place. I dig it up and toss it out by the trees, at the edge of the yard…just everywhere! It makes such a pretty plant, and the blooms are beautiful in the fall. They resemble a pine cone with tiny little flowers poking out all over the cone. I live in North Florida, way out in the country, with 70 acres of land so I have lots of space to grow different things!

You were soooooo informative about Ginger! You stayed on the subject; great no nonsense information; right to the point. Planting tomorrow. Will let you know results. Thank you so much.

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How much water….. Sprayer or pour water. My leaves have light brown tips lately.

Too much, not enough water? Thank you. I went to a African restaurant about 2 months ago in Providence and ordered some Oxtail when the owner asked me to try some of this green juice. I love trying new different things and I am hooked since that day. I hope you all love it as much as I do: 6 cucumbers,ginger root about the size of a lemon or more if you like a stronger ginger taste, cold water enough to fill 2 gallon jugs after you seperate the mix of cucumbers and ginger, also a sweetner could be sugar, sugar in the raw, equal,sweet and low…… cut up skin and all both the cucumber and ginger and put it in the blender, or food processor.

Next split it into 2 one gallon jugs and fill it with cold filtered water. Now as for the sweetner you could either add say 2 packs of equal to a 12 oz. Before each serving shake your bottle to mix because it does seperate when its sits in the fridge. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do and now for protein in each gallon I have added a half cup of Hemp powder which is great if I feel a little hungry before a meal it holds me over ,,,,, let me know if you like it or like me now Im loving it thanks Sherry.


What Are The Benefits of Ginger Tea?

I bought at the grocery store and it has started growing — I will be potting it today! I Had no idea that ginger WAS the root itself!

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  5. Thanks for the simple yet very informative news. Thanks for the shared information. Thank you! I use ginger chills , sore throat,and flu;a friend had flu, I gave her ginger tea she uses it and is doing so much better. I love ginger. Great information and just what I was trying to find out.

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    My ginger has a couple of shoots and eyes showing. Valuable information! Thanks a lot. My wife is recovering from a lumpectomy and is taking ginger juice regularly. So am I and our daughters, too.

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      And of course the Hestan Cue relies on induction technology This flavorful, healthy dish is a complex side for simple weeknight dish, or make a meal of it by topping with a quick fried Not your kiddie menu tenders Put a couple of small plates in the freezer for testing the jam later. Toss the rhubarb and chillies with the sugar and leave at room temperature for 1 hour, stirring a few times throughout. Tip into a pan with the orange juice and ginger, and heat gently, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil then keep cooking until the mixture reaches jam setting temperature C.

      To test, spoon a little jam onto one of the frozen plates then run your finger through. It should wrinkle and have a jammy consistency.

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