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How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes Was prepared for you on the day you were created. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Truth and Life vs. Lies and Murder

After refashioning the earth so it could sustain human life, God created the first man, Adam. Eve, the first woman, was created a short time later. In addition to placing them in the Garden of Eden, where they could live and multiply, God gave them instruction in the way of life that would lead to happiness and eternal life. But this couple was also given the choice of whether they would obey their Creator or choose their own path. Satan the devil soon brought the battle to the Garden of Eden. Satan convinced the first man and his wife to disregard the instruction and commandments of God.

As a result of this tragic decision, sin entered the world and death entered by sin. Man cut himself off from the guidance, direction and blessings of God. Sides were drawn. Camps and philosophies were developed. The result is that we now live in a world where we face a clash of values having to do with the questions of what is sin and who is in charge of this earth.

He has lost sight of the way to peace and happiness. The subsequent history of humankind is a record of people struggling to obtain these things their own way. What began in the garden all those years ago was a deception that has survived through the ages—a deception that still affects us today. Shortly after creating them, God instructed Adam and Eve to look to Him for the knowledge of good and evil 15 Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.

Eve was deceived 3 But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. Satan convinced mankind that he should and could decide for himself good and evil. This is the great deception. The deceiver and his agents brought darkness and oppression disguised as light and liberty. So again it makes me believe God used to be there in long back ages, but Evil is this Lord king now!

Its better if i die atleast ill rest in peace. Read the article again. Satan wants you to die and think your life is meaningless. Praying for you. What is the Source of Your Struggle? On the battlefield we have: God versus the Devil Love versus hate The truth versus lies Revelation versus deception The source of evil is the devil himself.

And, he is the mastermind behind the spiritual tug of war your soul is in. But, he failed miserably. And, his days are numbered. So what is the best way that the devil can get back at God? Jon on April 26, at pm. God please make things right. God bless you Jon. Be strong and of good courage.

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Albert Ramos on July 30, at pm. By choosing to listen to Satan, they chose to run away from the Source of all life—God—and, naturally, experienced death. How did Satan deceive Eve? What lies did he tell her? Some scholars believe the serpent originally had wings and flew Isaiah ; Remember, it did not crawl until God cursed it Genesis Satan, who invented lying John , mixed truth with the lies he told Eve.

Lies that include some truth are the most effective deceptions.

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In love, God had withheld from them the knowledge of evil, which includes heartache, grief, suffering, pain, and death. Why was eating a piece of fruit such a bad thing that Adam and Eve were removed from the garden? Satan likely hoped the couple would continue eating from the tree of life after their sin, and thus become immortal sinners, but God removed them from the garden to prevent this. His demons can pose as righteous people. And Satan will one day appear as a glorious angel of light with power to call fire down from heaven.

He will even impersonate Jesus. When Jesus comes, every eye will see Him Revelation He will remain in the clouds and will not touch the earth 1 Thessalonians Almost the entire world follows him instead of Jesus Revelation Many will be forever lost because of his lies Matthew ; Before Jesus comes the second time, Satan will appear as an angelic being, posing as Christ.

His deceptive power will be so great that our only safety will be in refusing to go see him Matthew — When and where will the devil receive his punishment? What will that punishment be?

What people are talking about . . .

At the end of the world, Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire, which will turn him into ashes and end his existence. God will deal with the devil for his sin, for tempting others to sin, and for hurting and destroying the people God loves. How painful this will be not only for those cast into the fire, but for the One who created them in love to begin with.

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For more on hell, see Study Guide What finally settles the horrible problem of sin? Will it ever rise up again? No questions will remain unanswered.

They will all confess that they deserve eternal death. Second , sin will be purged from the universe by the permanent destruction of all those who choose it: the devil, the demons, and people who have followed them. Jesus made the destruction of sin possible. Who makes the final, complete eradication of sin from the universe a certainty?

How does God really feel about people?

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Satan Misrepresents the Father Satan misrepresents God as unfeeling, aloof, exacting, stern, and unapproachable. The Father Can Hardly Wait For the sole purpose of making you happy, our heavenly Father has prepared a fabulous eternal home for you. Your wildest dreams here on earth are no match for what He has waiting for you! He can hardly wait to welcome you. Do you feel it is good news that God the Father loves you as much as Jesus does?

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Was the fruit that Adam and Eve ate an apple? Answer: We do not know. The Bible does not say. Where did the concept originate that portrays the devil as a red, half-man and half-beast with horns and tail? Answer: It comes from pagan mythology, and this misconception pleases the devil. He knows rational people reject monsters as fables and so will be led to deny his existence.

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Those who do not believe in a devil are more easily captured by his deceptions. Answer: The literal rendition of the word "die" in Genesis is "dying you will die," which is noted in the margin of most Bibles.

Do Jews Believe in Satan?

It means that Adam and Eve would enter into the process of dying. Before sinning, the couple possessed an undying, sinless nature. This nature was perpetuated by eating of the tree of life. At the moment of sin, their natures changed to dying, sinful natures. This is what God told them would happen. Because they were barred from the tree of life, decay and deterioration—leading ultimately to death—began immediately.

The grave became a certainty for them. The Lord stressed this later when He said to them, "For dust you are, and to dust you shall return" Genesis Answer: Not at all. God created Lucifer a perfect, sinless angel. Lucifer made a devil of himself. God knew Lucifer would sin when He created him.